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Why Pazza?

I’m Paul Parry – ‘Pazza’ – and since 2007, I’ve been blogging, writing, creating websites and building up a wealth of knowledge of internet marketing. And since 2014, I’ve built a freelance business that’s included providing all those services as well as sub-editing at major sporting events around the world, including the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. That means I can now help you with all these subjects:

SEO (search engine optimisation) | pay-per-click advertising (PPC) | affiliate marketing | self-publishing | blogging | WordPress | domain names | hosting | WordPress | copywriting | editing | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | lead generation | emerging technology | Internet of Things (IoT) | making graphics | sourcing high quality copyright-free images | Google | email | email marketing | crowdfunding | basic html | great books to read and people to learn from | membership sites | online training & education | freelancing | webinars | marketing | product creation | ebooks | press releases | MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) | videos | squeeze pages / landing pages | networking | pitching | podcasts | job-hunting | more that I can’t remember but will add when I do

Self-published author

Costco Connection columnist

Internet studies campaigner

Olympic-standard sub-editor

Having made quite a few videos for friends, colleagues and clients recently, I decided to do the same for people I’ve never met, too. I give helpful information that features either me in person, talking to the camera or, if it’s more beneficial, I’ll record my voice over what I’m doing on my laptop to better explain my point (using screen capture software).

What people think of my help

“I highly recommend Paul.”

Anthony Edgar

Head of Olympic Games Media Operations, International Olympic Committee

Paul’s advice on self publishing and his help on setting up my website was invaluable. I’m not sure I could have done it without him!!

Brett Lewis

Author, Brett Lewis Books

Paul is…dedicated to customer satisfaction. Highly recommended.


Alan Whitton

Coach & therapist, West Essex Hypnotherapy

‘Thanks a million thats amazing thats brilliant’

‘…very detailed and helpful’

Your expertise and knowledge were invaluable.

Jonathan Cooksley

Director, Admaps Limited

Paul made everything so easy and straightforward for me, and made me realise the task wasn’t daunting at all.

Dean Jorgensen

Magician, Dean Jorgensen Magic

‘Thanks for the enjoyable tutorial’

‘You are a star’

‘Thanks for the video Paul – very impressive’

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